January 2020

Granting Policy

Granting policy procedures of SIRRA, November, 2018
A. The PURPOSES of SIRRA as stated in its constitution are:
“2. The purposes of the Society are:
(a) To provide a forum for members to discuss matters of common interest on
issues of legislation, regulation, taxation and policies of governments and
government services relating to Saturna Island.
(b) To communicate to members concerning these issues, to provide for
meaningful consultation with members, to receive their views and to make
recommendations relating to these issues.

Guest Policy

Adopted December 10, 2016
The Board of Directors of SIRRA welcomes guests, especially its members, to
attend regular quarterly meetings which will be announced on the website and
the listserve of SIRRA. In order to facilitate the meetings, the following rules will
1. If possible, advance notice of the presence of a guest should be
given in writing to the Secretary. If a guest wishes to make a
presentation to the Board, permission in advance must be obtained
from the Chair.