SIRRA Membership Information

Why join SIRRA?

SIRRA’s primary purpose is to provide a voice through which members, acting as one, may disseminate their views to the general public, governments, and other appropriate audiences.

An exclusive email distribution network is provided by SIRRA which enables members to engage in free-ranging discussion on all matters of interest to island property owners and residents. 

Membership numbers over the past few years have varied from approximately 150 to over 200.

All property owners and full-time residents of Saturna are eligible to hold membership in SIRRA.

New Members - Application for Membership

SIRRA at present makes membership a breeze for new members -- no payment is required as initial Membership in SIRRA is Free.

The application for membership can be found here:

     SIRRA Membership Application Form

Existing Members - Membership Renewal Payments

The annual renewal membership fee is $10 for 1 year and $20 for 3 years.

To renew with e-transfer, set recipient to:


 and provide a payment of either $10 or $20. A security code is not required.       

Or pay via PayPal:



Cheques can be mailed to: SIRRA, PO Box 27, Saturna,  V0N 2Y0