SIRRA is an island-based organization that was established in 2006 (as SIPOA at that time) for the following purposes: 

  1. to provide a forum for property owners and residents to discuss matters of common interest on issues of legislation, regulation, taxation and policies of governments and government services relating to Saturna Island: 
  2. to communicate to members concerning these issues, and to provide for meaningful consultation with members, to receive their views and to make recommendations relating to these issues, and 
  3. to provide a voice through which members may disseminate their views to the general public, governments, and other appropriate audiences. 

To achieve these goals, SIRRA conducts surveys of our members to determine which issues to pursue in any given year. In the past SIRRA has taken a particular interest in taxes and how much of what we pay out returns to the island in services, and whether the Federal Government is paying fairly for the Gulf Island National Park Reserve. In addition, we have worked hard to address the issue of road conditions on Saturna and related matters. Our members have also expressed a strong interest in issues relating to water quality and water quantity on Saturna as well as in the perennial issue of providing adequate emergency health and clinic services on Saturna.