Taxes and Assessment


BC Assessment Response- January 28, 2015

Dear Ms. Hage and Mr. Dow,

Thank you for your inquiry and the opportunity to respond to your questions. I have 

provided below information that I trust will assist with understanding 2015 property 

assessments on Saturna and Mayne Islands.

BC Assessment produces annual market value assessments for approximately 

2,000,000 properties in the province of BC including approximately 146,000 within the 

Capital Region. There are 680 properties on Saturna Island and 1,392 properties on . 

SIPOA AGM Brief - Roles / Determinations - 2013

Role of Property Taxation Branch
 Responsible for property based taxation and benefit programs
 The major taxation program from your point of view is rural property taxation, where the
branch is the largest “municipality” in the province
 Other taxation programs include provincial property taxes collected by municipalities and the
property transfer tax program
 Major benefit programs are the home owner grant program, the property tax deferment
programs and the first time home buyer program
My Role in the Branch


Cover letter for Adam Olsen - Foreign Buyers Tax- November 16, 2018

November 16th 2018.
Communication re Foreign Buyers Tax as it applies to Saturna Island.
Saturna Island Rate Payers and Residents (SIRRA) has been moved to raise awareness
of the issue of application of the Foreign Buyers Tax to Saturna.
As you may know the Gulf Islands were subsequently exempted from the
Speculation Tax brought in under the February 2 2018 provincial budget. However, a
remaining consequence to the February budget that continues to affect the Gulf

To BC Assessment- January 12, 2015

Dear Ms. Fair, Our combined associations represent residential and commercial property owners and renters on Mayne and Saturna islands and have been approached by concerned landowners of large parcels of undeveloped or underdeveloped land (+25 acres). Almost all of these properties have seen their assessments increase (many by more than 25% from the previous year) at a time when the assessed and actual value of properties on these islands has declined significantly. Our members would like to gain an understanding of BC Assessment’s approach to evaluating property values.

Property Taxes Part II - Islands Trust- 2014

Saturna Island Property Owners Association
Property Taxes 101: Part II
The Province enacted the Islands Trust Act in 1974 with the objective to protect the
unique character and environment of the islands in the Salish Sea. The Act gives the
Islands Trust, a unique form of local government, the following powers and
• Official community plans
• Zoning and rural land use bylaws
• Subdivision bylaws
• Development permits

Property Taxes Part I - Introduction - 2014

aturna Island Property Owners Association
One of SIPOA’s priorities coming out of our members’ survey last fall was to take a
close look at our property taxes – what they are and what we get for them. We will
prepare a series on property taxes, digging deeper into the details as we go.
This is the first installment, which provides an overview of how our property taxes have
changed over the past 10 years.

Information on our Taxes - 2012

Some Information on Our Taxes From SIPOA

By Susie Washington Smyth and Ron Hall

At a time when those of us who are property owners on Saturna have just recently received our 2012 B.C. Property Assessment notices and wondering just how much our tax bill will be, it may be timely to highlight some information received from the British Columbia Surveyor of Taxes regarding property taxes paid on Saturna.

Property Tax Deferment - Smyth - May 30, 2011

Dear Members,

Recently I heard about and researched the British Colubmia Property Tax Deferment Program, a little known and relatively little used, program sponsored by the provincial government.

Now that property tax time is upon us you may wish to give some thought to using the British Columbia Property Tax Deferment Program (BCPTDP) as well. The program has been around since the 1970's and is user-friendly.


Here are the essentials:

If you: