Saturna Island Emergency Preparedness - May 27, 2011

Saturna Island Emergency Preparedness - May 27, 2011

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The Disaster Coordination Committee and the Emergency Social Services Division of Saturna’s Emergency Preparedness Committee, the Fire Department and Saturna Island Rescue are all taking steps to minimize any harm that results from a disaster occurring on our island. In order to do this, our committee is providing everyone with the following:

- a pamphlet and an info bulletin “26 Weeks to Family Emergency Preparedness”

- local contacts info

- possible marine evacuation locations

- a Community Resource form.

The latter form will help build a data base of phone numbers - especially important for notification of property owners who are part-time residents, individuals with skills and those individuals who may require help in the event of a disaster.

If you did not receive this info, contact Dawn Wood, Jenna Foster or Bev Lowsley.

The Community Coordination Committee: Dawn Wood, Brian Haley, John McMillan, Patti Fraba, Jenna Foster,

Nevar Makofka, Teresa Higgins, Ron Hall, Janet Land, Dwight Carson & Dave Paton.

Emergency Social Services Key Contacts: Bev Lowsley, Ingrid Gaines, Nancy Gerber.

Outer Gulf Islands Emergency Services Commission – Saturna reps: Barbra Grasswick and David Rees-Thomas.

Marine Evacuation Locations: (Boats will patrol beaches as well as docks. Be aware that in a majority of incidents, you will not be able to drive off island.) Some listed are on private property and not all are accessible for those with disabilities. The Saturna Island Tourism Association’s brochure contains a map showing all these locations.

Lyall Harbour – Government dock, Money’s Marina, other smaller docks nearby and Sunset Beach – boat launch inaccessible at low tide

Boot Cove – Old Point Farm dock, several other year round docks

Saturna Beach – Strata/Winery dock and Campbell’s dock

Breezy Bay dock

Veruna Bay Beach – dock at Sewell’s

Winter Cove – Yacht Club dock, boat ramp (inaccessible at low tide)

Dave Paton’s ramp at 685 Tumbo Channel Rd.

Mackie’s summer dock at 673 Tumbo Channel Road

Shell Beach at the lighthouse, East Point

Public access at 699 Tumbo Channel Road

West Beach and Sandy Bay at “Four Winds” 445 East Point Rd

Taylor Point Beach

Echo Bay Beach

Fiddler’s Cove

Little Bay, Narvaez Bay Beach