Letter to Islands Trust - Bylaw 102 - Nov, 2010

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Letter to Islands Trust - Bylaw 102 - Nov, 2010

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Dear Ms. Malcolmson: Re: Bylaw 102: Saturna Island I write in my capacity as President of the Saturna Island Property Owners' Association (SIPOA). At this point, we need not address proposed Bylaw 102 on its merits. As a board, we may take a position on its merits after due consultation. 
The need to write you at this juncture, however, is to register our strong disapproval with what we perceive to be a remarkably flawed process to date. Saturna property owners were not provided with sufficient opportunity to review the proposed bylaw nor was there adequate notice of the Islands Trust meeting. In addition, we understand that the meeting took place at a time when the most directly affected residents were not even present on the Island. 
Even more disturbing is that there is not even a full complement of Saturna Island Trustees at this point. To proceed with such a potentially divisive issue with only a single elected Trustee to represent Saturna Island demonstrates a remarkable disregard for Saturna residents and the democratic process in general. 

Any further deliberation on Bylaw 102 would be so tainted with procedural unfairness that its legality must surely beat issue. We urge you to reconsider your process

Yours very truly

Murray Rankin