Guest Policy

Adopted December 10, 2016
The Board of Directors of SIRRA welcomes guests, especially its members, to
attend regular quarterly meetings which will be announced on the website and
the listserve of SIRRA. In order to facilitate the meetings, the following rules will
1. If possible, advance notice of the presence of a guest should be
given in writing to the Secretary. If a guest wishes to make a
presentation to the Board, permission in advance must be obtained
from the Chair.
2. The Chair may limit the number of guests to facilitate meetings.
3. Guests shall sit separate from the Board. Guests must seek the
permission of the Chair to speak or hand out papers. The Chair
may consult the Board.
4. Guests may not 'record' (includes audio and video) without
permission of the Chair.
5. Guests may not attend the 'in-camera' portion of a meeting.
6. Guests may be asked to leave by the Chair if their behaviour
disrupts the meeting.
7. The Board will cause notices of regular quarterly meetings to be
posted on its website and through its listserve at least 2 weeks in
advance of such meetings including the time and place of each
8. The Board will include on the agenda of each regular quarterly
meeting in an appropriate position, an opportunity to welcome any
guests and to allow them to make informal comments..