IR7 logging plan documents

Letter to Tsawout Tseycum First Nation RE: IR7 logging plan- August 10, 2016

From: charles reif <>
Subject: Community Meeting and Concerns
Date: August 10, 2016 at 1:04:03 PM PDT
To: "Jonathan Secter (SPSI-SERC)" <>
Cc: Casey L <>, Gordon Atkinson
<>, Johnstone Dian&Tom <>,
charles reif <>
Dear Mr. Secter,
Thank you for your patience in waiting for this reply. It was important for us to await the return of members of

IR7 Meeting Announcment- November 26, 2016

Dear Members of Saturna Community,
Tsawout Band Councillors and consultants will be present for
a public information session
regarding the revised logging plans for their land, Fiddler's
Cove, IR#7.
November 26, 1 to 3 pm at the Saturna Community Hall
Updated ( from the original Householder Mail out in June) -
maps, and details of the logging, transportation, and
environmental plans that have been provided courtesy of
the First Nation, and have been distributed electronically
through SCC and SIRRA.

SCC-SIRRA IR7 Info Item 4 14-09-16 - September 14, 2016

Item 4 Environmental Assessment and Species At Risk
We note with some concern the lack of reference about your environmental assessment plans and
specifically how you intend to identify species at risk (federally and provincially listed species).
part of Coastal Dry Douglas Fir forest and the vall
likely federally listed species at risk.
we assume has been conducted, and to see what mitigation measures you have planned to p

SCC-SIRRA IR7 Info Items 1-3 14-09-16 - September 14, 2016

Per SCC/SIRRA Request of August 10
should express to you our concerns about several issues that your project
community. We bring these forward now, believing that by addressing them more fully in the planning
phase, and before a public meeting, there will be more opportunity to resolve them in a neighbourly
manner. These include (in no par
Provided are:
· Extracts from the Introduction to the
· The Project Forest Management Plan Map

Washington-Smyth - Highways Ministry Exchange- August 29,2016

From: Susie Washington-Smyth <>
Date: Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 9:25 AM
Subject: Re: Roads on Saturna
To: "Haley, Shawn TRAN:EX" <>
Hi Shawn:
Again, thanks for your attention to our concerns. However, I do have two comments in
response. The road is excessively narrow along East Point Road by the water and over the
“missing link” to allow both a logging truck and a car to pass each other. Also the road is

Reply to C Reif T Johstone - August 10,2016

To: Tom Johnstone, Director Charles Reif, President
Saturna Ratepayers & Residents Assoc. Saturna Community Club
From: Casey Larochelle, Tsawout Band manager
Date: August 10,2016
Subject: Community Meeting and Concerns
I refer to your letter of this date to our consultant Jonathan Secter listing your several concerns regarding
selected aspects of our IR7 Forest Management Project and requesting deferral of the impending jointly
hosted Community meeting to mid-September.