SIRRA Minutes March 27, 2021

SIRRA Minutes March 27, 2021

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Minutes of a meeting of the Directors of SIRRA held electronically March 27, 2021

Present: David Osborne, President; Ron Hall, Treasurer; Helen Wale, Michel Chiasson, Jeanne Crerar, Serban Criaoveanu

Regrets: Mairead Boland, Vice-President;


1.  The meeting was called to order at 11:05 AM by the chair, David.  The directors were welcomed and a quorum declared.  Our presence on the unceded, traditional territory of the Coast Salish, and particularly the Tsawout and Tseycum peoples was acknowledged with thanks.

2.  The agenda was approved as circulated.

3.  The minutes of January 23, 2021 were approved as circulated.

4.  Business arising:

a.  Mairead reported that some further work needs to be done by Tyler Stolting before the website can be used.  David has asked her for an estimate of the amount required.  We can approve by email and proceed. 

b.  Mairead’s written report on the membership was acknowledged.  There was general support for a membership drive focusing on new members and offering incentives. Helen will contact Pat Hutchinson to ensure they have plenty of our brochures to hand out to prospective members.  Ron reports we have plenty on hand and he has been handing them out. The list serve is functioning but needs some adjustment.

c.  No further action on property assessments since there seems to be no interest in the community.

5.  MOTION by David, seconded by Michel, that Ron Hall be appointed as a director and Treasurer of SIRRA to replace Colin Curwen who has resigned, as of January 28, 2021.  Carried.

Ron was welcomed, and thanked, and delivered an interim report that our finances are in good order.  He will follow up to ensure signing authority at the credit union is up to date.  He will also follow up with Harvey Janszen about Harvey’s account(s) for services to the website.  David reports that Harvey posts minutes, correspondence, etc. to the site about 10 times per annum on average.

6.  Discussion of member surveys tabled.

7.  Other business:

a. Susie Washington-Smythe confirmed as our volunteer representative to the Parks Canada Liaison Committee.  Susie reports they will meet soon and she will have a report for our next meeting.

b.  Decision on 2021 AGM tabled.  We will wait to see how Covid conditions develop.  Jeanne suggests it would be good to meet outside if possible.

8.  Next meeting Saturday, May 29, 2021, at 11: AM.  Meeting adjourned at 11:40, our shortest meeting ever!?