Rain Water Catchment Collective - letter - May 7, 2011

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Rain Water Catchment Collective - letter - May 7, 2011

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[sipoa] Rain Water Catchment Collective


Sat, 7 May 2011 17:45:13 -0700


Jude White <osojude@gmail.com>


To everyone interested in rain water catchment:

At the Groundwater Information and Planning Session today a few of us using rain water catchment decided to form a very informal group: the Rainwater Catchment Collective. The purpose of the group is to get together to discuss issues surrounding rain water catchment and to possibly find ways to lessen the costs of the maintenance of catchment systems. We will look into:

- hiring someone to clean gutters on a regular basis

- try and purchase filters as a group at a reduced cost

- try and have water testing done as a group at a reduced cost

At the very least we will share experiences and knowledge of installing and maintaining water catchment systems, whether it's a complete potable system for your house or simply a way of watering your garden.

If you're interested please call Jude White at 250-539-2890 to be included or drop me an email at osojude@gmail.com. We will try and get together sometime this week. Let me know when you are available.

The group does not currently have a song or t-shirt, but that will come.