Letter to Bob Webb - potholes - Jan 19, 2011

Letter to Bob Webb - potholes - Jan 19, 2011

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Happy New Year Bob:

Just a quick note to let you know that ALL of the potholes that Mainroads filled last fall on Saturna have disintegrated and/or have turned those areas of the road into mush. This includes Cliffside Road, East Point Road (all along the hill over the "Missing Link") and Payne Road. I don't know what type of product Mainroads chose to use but I can tell you that it wasn't the type that can withstand freezing and thawing which we have had at least twice this winter. The result of the mushy fill, and of the new potholes that have emerged this winter, is that all of the roads on the island which were not paved in the last two years have become a safety hazard.

Further, the lower section of Harris Road needs immediate attention. The water ditch along the side of the road has overflowed on to the road several times this past winter; cars now need to back up in order to pass each other by the blind corner because the roadbed has disintegrated in at least three places. I would hope you understand that Harris Road has become quite a busy road with a sawmill, farm, vineyard and bistro all using it on a daily basis along with traffic from tradespeople, Hydro, CRD Water, Telus, Parks Canada as well as the residents who live there. As I have stated several times last year, Harris Road is an accident waiting to happen and it needs MOT attention now, not later.

I know our Road Maintenance Foreman has been actively asking for these repairs but nothing substantial appears to be coming our way. We need your help to ensure that Mainroads meets the terms and conditions of their contract so that basic minimum road repairs take place on Saturna to ensure there is adequate road safety on the island. Please.

I will be happy to send photos to support my statements above, please let me know if you want them. . I hope you understand these matters need immediate attention. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Susie Washington Smyth
SIPOA Board Member