East Point DPA draft bylaw 102

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East Point DPA draft bylaw 102

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Please find attached, information about Draft Bylaw 102 – East Point
Development Permit Area for Water Conservation and Wetland Protection.

First reading of the draft bylaw will be held at the Saturna Island
Local Trust Committee meeting on Wednesday, October 27, 2010.

The objective of the proposed bylaw is to preserve and protect the
groundwater aquifer and wetland ecosystems on the East Point
peninsula. It is a complex initative which proposes severe
development restrictions on some of our neighbours on the East Point
peninsula. It has the potential to be quite divisive.

Personally, I would have appreciated more time to study this proposal
as well as a meeting date more conducive to participation by the many
part-time East Point landowners.

Comments and concerns may be addressed to Island Planner, Gary
Richardson <grichardson@islandstrust.bc.ca>, and Saturna Island
Trustee, Beverley Neff <bneff@islandstrust.bc.ca>.

Mark Timmings