Emergency Supplies List - Wood - May 27, 2011

Emergency Supplies List - Wood - May 27, 2011

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by Dawn Wood, Saturna Emergency Coordinator

  1. Meeting Place: Select a family emergency meeting place locally for when separated by a disaster. Also designate an out-of-province contact whose phone number and/or email address are known to all for when regular contact is disrupted.
  2. ID and Important Papers: Each family member should carry personal identification, for children possibly in clothing labels. Keep copies of all important papers such as insurance, wills, ID, credit card numbers and records of passwords in a fireproof, water-proof container.
  3. First Aid Supplies: Prepare a kit that includes prescription medicines, eyeglasses, bandages, sterile pads, tape, scissors, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, pain pills, duct tape and hydrogen peroxide at the minimum.
  4. Water & Food: (see April Scribbler for details) Your water supply should be 4 litres per day per person for a week plus other beverages. In your food supply have some canned, some freeze-dried and some instant such as cereals, crackers, peanut butter and sauces. Related supplies include a can and bottle opener, foil, plastic wrap and bags, sealed containers, cooking utensils, plates, mugs, cutlery, etc. Orange garbage bags can be used as a signal flag if needed.
  5. Clothing: In winter pack clothing that can be worn in layers, waterproof boots and shoes, warm socks, rain gear, etc. In summer also have head and neck coverings, casual comfortable items in darker shades which are less likely to show soil.
  6. Bedding: Have sleeping bags, waterproof sheets, blankets, pillows and night attire. If you have a pet, planning is also needed in this regard.
  7. Other Items: Pack towels, personal toiletries, portable radio, flashlights with extra batteries or crank style/solar powered, candles, matches, dust masks and eye protectors, some money including coins, basic tools, rope and a whistle. Keep all these supplies (1-7) in bags or backpacks in your front hall closet or where easily accessible outside,
  8. Grab & Go Kits: These are for your home, car or place of work. They contain the basic supplies for an unexpected evacuation: flashlight, radio (CFAX), first aid kit, multi-purpose tool, cash, ID, meds and eyeglasses, change of clothing, personal items, water and energy bars, emergency poncho or garbage bag.

We always hope we won’t need to utilize these supplies but in the summer on the Gulf Islands, wildfire is our greatest threat. Be prepared!